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Does Shalom For Africa work only in Uganda — or in other parts of the world as well?

Only in Africa. While Shalom For Africa participates in the broader international development community, our mission is specifically to assist Africa. As a part of that mission, we also work to build awareness about Africa across the world.

Is Shalom For Africa part of any other charity?

No. Shalom For Africa is an independent, private-sector charity. For example, Shalom For Africa is not affiliated anywhere. Also, Shalom For Africa is not a part of the U.S. government or the U.N. family of agencies. (NOTE: Shalom For Africa is one of the charities belonging to the major workplace-giving federation, Global Impact.)

Does Shalom For Africa make grants?

No. Shalom For Africa is a grant-seeking organization. The funds we receive from individuals and grant-making organizations (such as foundations, corporations, the religious community, social and civic groups, U.N. agencies and other multilateral agencies, the U.S. government and other governments) enable us to carry out our assistance work in Africa.

Does Shalom For Africa give scholarships?

No. The only exception is when Shalom For Africa supports students as a part of our assistance programs in Africa (for example, local primary school scholarships for AIDS orphans).

How can I get a job at Shalom For Africa ?

General information about employment with Shalom For Africa as well as specific job postings.View info here.

Does Shalom For Africa offer internships or volunteer opportunities?


I am a student researching Africa. Can Shalom For Africa help?

Unfortunately, Shalom For Africa does not have extra staff to assist with student research. But we are happy to recommend some of the excellent resources on the Web.

Is Shalom For Africa a tax-exempt organization?

Yes. Shalom For Africa is a private, charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Uganda  Revenue Code. All gifts to Shalom For Africa are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by Uganda law.

How much of my donation goes to projects in Africa?

Ninety-Two percent of every $1.00 you give to Shalom For Africa, 92% goes to program services and 8% goes to management, general and fund raising.

Does Shalom For Africa accept in-kind contributions, such as books, clothing or medical equipment?

In general, Shalom For Africa accepts all kinds of in-kind contributions to meet emergency needs or other project needs that we identify. Ideally, in-kind contributors also donate money to pay overseas shipping costs (which can run to thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars).

If you cannot underwrite the shipment of your items, the best way to help is by donating funds to Shalom For Africa. That way, Shalom For Africa can purchase needed items from local vendors in Africa, at lower prices and without incurring shipping costs.

If you have a relatively small collection of items to donate, we suggest that you donate them to a worthy cause in your own community. Your items would reach needy people, and your generosity would not result in extra shipping expenses.

If you'd like to pursue in-kind donations to Africa:

e-mail Shalom For Africa 's fundraising office, at, outlining what you'd like to donate and your plans for funding the shipment to Africa.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are already in an African country where Shalom For Africa works, we probably can make use of your generous in-kind gift. E-mail the details to or contact Shalom For Africa 's local country office.

Click here for more information about giving to Shalom For Africa (including in-kind gifts) .

Can I donate stock?

Yes, Shalom For Africa welcomes gifts of stock. More info here.


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