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Education and Vocational Training

Illiteracy and lack of educational opportunities remain major barriers to the development in the world.

Recognizing the importance of basic education, Shalom For Africa introduced a child sponsorship program that started in April 2011. A total of 200 children have so far been registered and still getting an overwhelming number of other children each and every day.

With the help from our God Parents, Shalom For Africa is able to fully sponsor 19 orphaned children. These children are able get school fees, school uniforms, medical care, scholastic materials, school meals, bedding and clothing.

Through our general fund, we provide breakfast, clothing, shoes, educational materials such as pens, pencils, drawing books, colors, crayons, writing and reading books to 181 orphans of whom we have not yet secured full sponsorships.

Success story

Through our sponsorship program, we have been able to have our own graduate with an upper class degree in Procurement and Supplies Management (January 2013) from at Makerere University.

Adult learning program

Shalom For Africa is yet to start up an Adult learning program in the area, this will be built on the already existing project where beneficiaries are being trained in vocational/ business skills before being allocated micro loans.

SFA hopes that when the donations are realized it will be able to give formal education to those adults interested in Learning. Teaching will be done in both local languages and English and certificates will be awarded to those who will have completed the classes. 

What We Need

Due to the prevalence of extended families and a number of orphans registered each and every day and yet the Shalom For Africa cannot currently support all the registered numbers, there is need for donations in form of school fees, books, pens, pencils, crayons, school bags, buying school uniforms and any form of school supplies.

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